We are a Creative Agency located in Beirut, Lebanon. Founded by Georges Tomazou a Licensed Filmmaker, Graphic Designer and Web developer.
The agency was founded in January 2015, delivering Photography, Videography, Graphic Design and Web development projects.
We have been chosen by more than 30 Companies Worldwide including Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Our mission is to fulfill our client’s needs and exceed expectations by delivering high quality projects that can help them build their own brand and achieve their ambitions. 
Our Team is well talented and always ready to come up with new, fresh and stunning ideas for Advertisements in order to satisfy clients needs and expectations.
Now we confidently say that we are proud of what we have achieved due to our Team’s hard work, dedication and passion.



We provide a creative and dynamic photographic service. 
Our photographic services cover; Location photography. Including architectural interiors & exteriors, industrial, construction, retail, food, and corporate / government work. Studio photography, including food photography, product photography, business and corporate portraits, and advertising photography. Image Retouching and Post-Production. Capture is only the first stage in creating great images. Whether you are running a business or you want to shoot your event, wedding or engagement, we are ready to shoot, edit and deliver.


We deliver creative and engaging movies that have the right balance between holding your audiences’ attention and driving your corporate or marketing message home. We will always develop a storyboard for client approval and propose a range of digital video production budgets for consideration.
We understand that often the best starting point is to optimise your current investments. Our range of services is designed to protect your assets and investments in terms of prevention to cure.


Working with a branding design brief and which is shared with internal and external stakeholder groups, we will provide creative concepts that will connect your with your customers and employees. We will develop a unique and distinctive creative solution that keeps your brand differentiated and ahead of your competitors. Once defined, we will produce brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all elements: starting with stationery, signage, as well as both online and offline brand communications.


Our user experience team has provided insight, planning services and made strategic recommendations that have delivered significant business results. We offer a full range of web development services, including strategic consultancy, creative design and technical solutions.



We get up in the morning because we love what we do, by creating beautiful designs, taking the best photographs, Shooting incredible footage and delivering highest quality projects. Laughter, it makes work more fun and transforms projects into a passion rather than a task. We’re not the cheapest, but we’ll treat you fairly, share some laughs and work with you to achieve your goals and exceed expectations. Here are some of our accomplished projects for many trusted companies in Lebanon and abroad.