I am Georges Tomazou a British Lebanese Filmmaker,Photographer,Video Editor,Web designer and Graphic Designer born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 18/10/1991, studied Audio and Video production at Antonine University Baabda.
Cinema is an amazing art, as music it is a way you choose to tell stories and emotions. I chose to be a Filmmaker because I have a vision.

Filmmaking is not something you learn, it is a Talent. I always wanted to be one of the most talented filmmakers around the globe, therefore I choose to read, to watch, to write everyday to reach this goal.
I learn from projects, from many mistakes I did, and I have never stopped trying.

I started my career since I was 15 years old, when i worked as an assistant camera operator for events, and this is when the love story begins.
My dedication and passion brought me here Today. I believe in myself, and my mission is to inspire those around me with innovative ideas and stand out.
On January 2015, I started my own website, introducing a Creative Business, in partnership with well trained Creative Freelance Photographers and Graphic Designers from Lebanon and United Kingdom. And today I am thankful of what I have achieved, by working for many local and international companies who trusted my work and believed in my talent.